Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Personal Learning Environment

I've been thinking about what tools I use in my Personal Learning Environment, and by order of use it currently is;
  1. Email (gmail) for following LinkIn conversations - wish they were moved to twitter-like posts 
  2. iGoogle - RSS updates (+twitter feeds) and tools categorised to my work/mood
  3. Weblog - Record my readings for later reference, thoughts on hyper-linked topics
  4. Collaborative MindMaps - Like Cmap for free use and intuitive interface, different output options: need to spend more time working out how to share from their server (now want an iPhone app for Christmas!)
  5. 3rd Gen Kindle (on order) so I can share notes on texts from/with other users. Low power, cost, E-ink to reduce eye-strain, light and small, sustainable, etc (Not locked into Apples iTune$) (tick, tick, tick)
  6. Wiki - Haven't used one for awhile, but their were some beauties when I was doing a Masters project, with additional features like Discussion Boards, etc.
  7. ShowDocs - Collaborative editing (just found this, but looks good)
  8. Connect Pro - Wish I could afford my own Web-Conferencing + permanent room to store my resources and then whiteboard, share desktop, etc when discussing topics with peers. Skype is untrustworthy and limited in its scope.
  9. Prezi - for a cloud based collaborative alternative to PowerPoint
  10. My iPhone for pull content on my subscribed Pod and VodCasts

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