Thursday, August 26, 2010

iPad v Kindle

Do I want to be a consumer or a contributor?

Do I encapsulate consumerism and technolust or I am I a reflective practitioner?

Of course I suffer from a deluded self-serving bias, but even through beer goggles you can stop yourself wandering into traffic.

Thank-you Amazon for the 3rd Gen Kindle. E-ink will rule. I have no doubt colour will come, just as television progressed to plasma. Remember, it was the internal-combustion car oligopoly that wiped out electric cars, like a cuckoo in the nest of innovative incubation.

The iPads' demise is encapsulated in the 'i'. The new economy is the 'we'. It is not about consumption but contribution. Not about watching movies, but replying to postings. It's not about draining power as an endless resource, but being mindful.

Being connected is about realising how electricity frees us from darkness. A camping trip make you understand how addicted we are to it, and how we place so little value on it. Camping also shows you that we are social animals, reliant on each other to provide the necessities of life - food, clean water, shelter. We have distanced ourselves from the real purpose, being good to each other rather than being good to ourselves, and that means our environment too.

Has the iPad narrowed our focus to an 8" square?

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