Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reflections on online studies

Well it's been a bit unstructured really and I'm just starting to get more discipline into my studies.

What has been holding me back?
Starting a new routine is difficult. We have made so many changes that the dust really hasn't settled yet. What are these changes?
  • Relocating from Sydney
  • Setting up a new house
  • Tilly starting school
  • Getting daycare for Evie so I have uninterrupted time to focus on study
  • Starting online studies, finding out how much time I had to devote to courses - dropping two when finally realising that I had over-committed given my responsibilities of:
  • Being the home Dad
  • Finding time for the body (addressing gout) so I am mentally resilient as well as physically fit
  • Organising for my Mother to move here from WA
  • Entertaining guests that come to visit from Sydney, Perth, etc
  • Getting used to Moodle, rather than Blackboard/WebCT
  • Getting to know how the Instructors use the LMS to present their content, idiosyncratic design architecture
Then I also need to read and focus my energies for the online environment, rather than get distracted by glittering lights, inbox messages, etc.

For instance this is a posting for my assessable diary for EDU8114 that I've really only just started in Week 4!

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