Friday, April 2, 2010

Gratitude and Happiness

I've just read an interesting article in the SMH (link in title) on this Good Friday morn. The paradox of giving is better than receiving is explored in this article, and how the way we see things dictates our thoughts and actions. If it's true people don't trust lawyers, is it because lawyers don't trust people? I think of John Howard as I write that sentence. But perhaps I should be grateful we at least live in a democracy, and that for all of his ideologies that I oppose he did introduce the Family Tax Benefit that allows me now to be a stay at home dad and study while my wife earns a modest income to support us.

So what have I got to be grateful for today?
  • Two beautiful children (even if the little one is a Gestapo officer reincarnate, she does makes us laugh with her authoritarian nature)
  • A loving wife with a beautiful, caring nature
  • A lovely house near the beach and abundant natural gifts of the Northern Rivers of NSW
  • That I'm losing weight
  • That I have a stimulating career ahead in the emerging field of elearning
  • That we have good friends from Sydney coming to stay with us, and more on the way
  • That I have so much room to improve it's hard to fail
  • That my Mum will soon be closer to us and her grandchildren
It's nice to start your day with a smile on your face...

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